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Very interesting chart showing where the online video advertising budgets are coming from.  It looks like there is a fair bit of cannibalization that will happen as this tactic expands.  And, not surprisingly, it looks like display and TV will be the two biggest losers in that shift.

We’ve posted several times before about how recommendations affect (positively) purchase decisions.  This chart (and study) reinforce that positive correlation.

'I think people would be surprised to know my relationship with data, which is actually one of great skepticism as well as great admiration,' Nguyen says, adding that data only tells its observer what is happening, not why it’s happening. ‘You have to know where its limits are. Using data properly is a constant stream of experiments and feedback. The human-learning of that is part of the culture that I think is probably the most difficult to replicate.’

Great thoughts about data and analytics.

Meet BuzzFeed’s Secret Weapon | Inc. 

Bold emphasis added. 

(via unionmetrics)

#FridayFunFact3: maybe it’s just us but we are still shocked by how many decisions at the highest levels of marketing organizations rely on gut feel rather than objective data and analysis.  And how much is at stake with these “intuition”-based decisions.  No wonder the average tenure of a CMO is so short…

#FridayFunFact2: this probably more interesting than truly funny.  Or slightly disturbing (for some).

#FridayFunFact: smartphones’ penetration levels keep growing but the distribution across age groups still skews young.

Another study, this time around search rankings and SEO, shows the importance of content and how the quality of content impacts search rankings (the more clicks on quality content, the better the ranking). Yet another reason to focus on content marketing… 

This article about a Convertro study is critical on may levels, not the least of them being that it finally explains why social media has not shown very well when pitted against other marketing tools as a purchase driver: it’s a middle of the funnel influencer, not a last touch medium. This says it all:

87% of interactions with social content were a middle touch, while just over one interaction in 10 was either the last or only touchpoint.

All kinds of great chart from a very interesting report by Adobe about mobile (Adobe Digital Index’s US Mobile Benchmark Report).  Get the report’s text that accompanies these charts here (it’s worth a read).

Yet another study/report this week about analytics usage in marketing campaigns and in the marketing organizations.  The story remains the same: there is a lot of room for improvement and analytics are not mainstream yet.