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Another interesting chart from Marketing Charts today! There are surprising differences in average sentiment amongst social networks…and it seems that people are expressing themselves more freely on Facebook (personal matters) than LinkedIn (professional matters).

Very interesting findings in this study (and chart above) which actually replicate our experience with social network ads.

This is a bit of a “duh” headline and finding but it’s great that a company took the time to look at the analytics to show that push notifications actually impact app usage and retention.

After Pinterest’s dashboard for businesses earlier this week, another piece of good news for social media marketers interest in quality analytics.

Those insights could lead to some actual, real-world changes in strategy beyond just determining what businesses should Pin. In addition to seeing how various Pins perform, the analytics dashboard is also designed to help businesses learn more about their followers. It shares demographics and common interest data, allowing businesses to see more broadly what types of things their audiences are into. By doing so, businesses can better target their Pins to attract the attention of Pinterest users.
Good news for data-driven social media marketers: Pinterest beefs up its analytics for businesses. (from: Pinterest Launches A New Analytics Dashboard For Business Users | TechCrunch)
Just the way the smart home has single-purpose devices as opposed to overall intelligent systems, the development of intelligent roads, athletes and any other system made up of multiple components will feature single-purpose sensors for years before we ever get to unified systems– if we ever get to unified systems. This is unfortunate for consumers who will have to wrangle many apps and also because having multiple platforms can slow the pace of innovation, but thankfully sensors are getting cheaper and we can at least fulfill some of the promise of the internet of things while we wait for an eventual standard or service to unify things to arrive.
Interesting thoughts about sensors and the Internet of Things standardization and growth. (from: We will drown in sensors before we ever build a true internet of things — Tech News and Analysis)

Netflix dominates the SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) but Amazon Prime shows surprising strength.

This last post was our 3,000th post.  We thought it need to be acknowledge and that thanks should be extended to our 1,250-odd followers that have kept us motivated to keep posting.

Despite the wearables explosion of 2014, widespread usage is still a ways away.

Incredible numbers for Whatsapp both in terms of growth and in absolute usage.